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It seems we were never taught how to truly learn on our own, how to be open-minded, and how to unlearn.

Were You Taught How To Learn?

5-Day course over all things Unlearning.

Unlearning FREE MasterClass

Small group and 1:1 sessions to help you process and navigate the challenges unlearning creates.

Unlearning Sessions

A guided journal for unlearning distorted beliefs to help you become who you are.

Unlearning Journal

Become a lifelong learner without going (back) to school.

The Lifelong Learning Project


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Feel clueless as to how to unlearn?
Take the FREE Unlearning MasterClass.

Take The FREE Unlearning MasterClass

Feel clueless as to
how to unlearn?

Through high-quality courses and content, LBU seeks to empower individuals to become Lifelong (Un)Learners.

I struggled as a student for most of my life, yet I have managed to spend practically all of it in school.

From grade school to grad school to six years of teaching, I have become quite familiar (and discontent) with our common definition and approach to learning.

We were taught how to play school, not how to learn.
We were encouraged to be compliant, not curious.
We were taught what to think, not how to think.

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